“Each cup of Tea represents an imaginary voyage.”

Catherine Douzel

Teavo The Luxury Tea Designer

Teavo is a premium tea designer and distributor established under Tivo Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore.  Teavo offers luxurious artisan tea blends made with the finest quality tea leaves.


Partnering Tea & Herb Co, an internationally acclaimed tea production company in Sri Lanka with 3 generations of experience in the art of tea, we have full control over the sourcing, purifying, processing and packaging of all the tea that we export.

Our manufacturing processes are certified against the ISO 22000:2005 certification system, the BRC Global Standard for food safety and the IMO and USDA for organic products. We also meet the US FDA and the Dutch HACCP standards, ensuring that all our products are at the pinnacle of quality. 


Our ability to create personalised tea blends with customised packaging for discerning clients, sets us apart from the rest of the market. Offering a wide selection of flavours with all natural leaves, whole buds and flowers, natural herbs, exotic spices and fruit pieces to choose from, each unique blend strives for perfection and to deliver maximum enjoyment to the tea consumer.


Our ready-to-gift range presents the luxurious Silkenty Gift Collection – a range of masterfully crafted premium tea gifts with exquisite tea blends encased in specially designed packaging that represents the height of our expertise and craftsmanship. Each silken tea infuser is enclosed in a captivating pyramid box, using designer papers, exquisite gold foil and artistic folds.


In mid 2015, we began to make inroads into the China market, taking with us our passion to share our experience in the art of brew and blend.


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