“Our new line of healing herbal teas is specifically formulated for True Wellness. Each function-specific ingredient masterfully mergers with other herbs to offer distinct benefits that support and promote your True Wellness.”



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Our natural solution to slim down is embodied in this delicious infusion, a vivacious mix of Lemongrass, Garcinia, Fennel and Rose Petals blended with the finest Gunpowder Green and Ceylon Black Tea, enhanced with intoxicating fresh Orange. These powerful ingredients work together to activate one's metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Savour each sip of this gentle brew as you feel the calories slip away. 


The age-old secret of Polpala is unleashed in this refreshing brew. Renowned for its health benefits and ancient healing properties, Wild Polpala has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Combined with natural Pomegranate, this infusion is fabulously healthy and wonderfully delicate on the palate.


This elixir contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients, designed specifically to balance sugar content in the blood. Bitter Gourd, Peppermint, fresh Lemon Peel and liquid are combined for healthy goodness. Naturally sweetened with real vanilla this infusion is exquisite in taste and bouquet. Enjoy the delicate balance and goodness of this most magical tea.


Reboot your system with the potent powers of the Moringa plant. Its leaves, pods and roots contain large amounts of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This super food contains antioxidant properties that help fight the free radicals. Combined with real lemongrass, our Detox blend is both delicious and good for you.


This herbal infusion is designed to rejuvenate the mind, making you sharper with each sip. The affirmative powers of Gotukola come together with real safflower and fragrant jasmine for a clean crisp finish and lingering sense of wellbeing.

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